Back to school can be very difficult, fun, exciting, scary, and filled with many other emotions. This year we sent our daughter Madison to Kindergarten! Madison is an extremely sensitive and smart girl, we always make sure that she gets the same attention that her sister receives. Madison struggles sometimes with trying to make sure Julia is ok, helping her talk, walk, run, and everything in between. Our girls have had a connection from day one and Madison says that she picked Julia out and knew her in heaven before they were born. I was searching for ways to tell her teacher that Madison has a sister with special needs. Madison is a go getter, smart, and includes everyone, we call her our little peace keeper. Although she is all of these wonderful things I wanted the teacher to understand that she does struggle as well. She struggles with the fact that Julia cannot do certain things and worries that people will make fun of her. I went to the internet for help and found this awesome letter from the  It hit the nail on the head and I will be sending this to her teacher to help her understand Madison's daily struggle.  Hopefully this will help you as well when dealing with your children's teachers.